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General Trade Application

Please check one: Christian Bookstore _________

Children’s Specialty Boutique  _____ Direct Sales _________

Online Retailer ________ website address:___________________________________

Independent Dist. _____



Please fill out completely and return to Christian Expressions, along with your first order of $500.00 net.

Full Legal Name of Business_____________________________________________________


Address _____________________________________________________________________

City________________________________ State ______________ZIP Code ______________

Telephone_____________________________ Fax___________________________________

Email Address ________________________________________________________________

Please print

Credit card number & expiration date: ______________________________________________________________



City____________________________ State _______________ZIP Code_________________

Telephone ____________________________ Fax ___________________________________

Name of your contact person______________________________________

Email Address ________________________________________________________________

Please print

Phone _______________________________

Fax ____________________________________

Order/Shipment Information:  

Will your account accept back orders? Out of Stock Yes No



Business References:

Name of Business Contact Name Fax # Email






Name of Owner, Proprietor, or Corporate Officers:

_____________________________ ___________________________ _________________________

Signature (Please have signed by an officer of the company)

In signing this application, I agree that all information given is correct. I give my permission to Christian Expressions to request business reference. I understand and agree that credit card on will remain on file and will be charged for each order and applicable shipping fees.  


(please print)


Please return completed application by email to:

By fax: 401-944-0913

 Or by mail to:

 Christian Expressions

Attn: New Accounts

32 Peerless Street

Cranston, Rhode Island 02910 USA

Accounts are requested to order at least $500.00 net each year to keep their accounts active and open. An annual review of accounts will be conducted each year in the fall. Christian Expressions reserves the right to close or suspend any account that has not met the $500.00 net yearly sales