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Long Length First Communion Dresses

Long Length First Communion Dresses ~ Full Length First Holy Communion Gowns


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Long length first communion dresses typically hang at the ankle.  They are sometimes referred to as "full length first communion gowns".  The actual length of the first communion dress will of course depend on your child's height. We recommend measuring your child and comparing to our sizing chart which is based on the communion dress itself. Depending on the height of your child, the dress may be slighter longer or shorter than t length so additional alterations may be required. For example, if your child is 8 years old but the size chart shows she needs a size 10 for chest and waist, the length may need to be shortened as our first holy communion dresses are tailored for that age. In that case, you might consider selecting a tea length first communion dress which would end up as a long length.

If you are unsure about sizing, please contact us with your child's measurements so we can assist you in selecting the proper size.

Please refer to the product description and size chart to determine whether the 1st holy communion dress you are interested in purchasing is tea length or long length . Your choice of tea length communion dresses short sleeves , long sleeves or sleeveless

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